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For organisations who decide to participate,the Bronze Level lays a firm foundation to build a healthier workplace.

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Bronze Level

The Bronze Level lays a firm foundation to build a healthier workplace.

  • There should be a health needs assessment offered to the workforce
  • The health awareness of the workforce will be raised, through three health campaigns or events based on the outcome of a health needs assessment. Employees will be provided with other health information on a regular basis, particularly around the raising of awareness of the major lifestyle risks related to cancer
  • Positive mental health and well-being will be promoted, for example through employee support, training and awareness-raising
  • Healthy food choices will be available (if there is a canteen, restaurant or vending machine).  Otherwise a mechanism will be in place to ensuring employees are aware of dietary issues and healthy food choices and these will be actively promoted.
  • The company must comply with current smoke free legislation and develop links to the local stop smoking service for any employees wishing to stop
  • Absence rates and causes will be collected and monitored
  • General awareness of how health can be affected by work activities and assessments of risk
  • A mechanism should be in place for ongoing consultation and communication with staff on relevant workplace health issues. Where there is a recognised trade union this should be through an appropriate agreement with them.
  • The workplace environment should be conducive to health and employee welfare will be addressed – drinking water, washing facilities, clean toilets, eating facilities etc.

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